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And do something they can do? – Narrowing his eyes, asked Surf.
I do not know. Nothing useful I can not get them to make do, – I sighed.
And like pizza, guys? – Asked Surf.
Those, of course, shook their heads, so that it seemed that they now have to fall off.
And to do it? – Head cocked to one side, he said. In response received two negative nod.

I’ll try to talk to the owner where I work. I can not promise a quick educational outcome, but let them try to adulthood, – suggested Surf.
I imagined how my brother, as usual, solving your next conflict, jumping on tables and pizzerias obkidyvayutsya test, and I was wrong.

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Thank you, but if it does not – we will not be offended – I tried to end the conversation.
At the station we did as I promised, I wrote the words brothers, where they spent the last three days, my mother was fined for failure to fulfill parental responsibilities in a decent amount.

Cope explained that since we filed for missing and no missing was not just a prank teenagers were disturbed a lot of people, in moral damages and for the edification of our family, we will pay a fine.
Their home as heroes met sobbing mother, put in a blink of an eye on the table a bunch of goodies that loved brothers, and does not cease to wail until they were filled. Then the doorbell rang.

I wonder who it is so late? – I thought. Huntsman stood on the threshold. Man of my nightmares.

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