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When all the remaining began to disperse, Fedor Aleksievich approached Christine and offered to hold her home. They walked slowly and sweet talk like a few minutes ago and have not fucked in the toilet. Approaching the house.
- A husband does not meet – asked Fedor Aleksievich.

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- And he was on a business trip – naively said Cristina.
- And the two of you live?
- Yes, only with her husband.
- And maybe then ugostite cup of tea – offered Fedor Aleksievich.
- Possible – said Christina and went into the apartment.

Christina put the kettle on, got candy, cookies. And the two of them began to drink tea, continuing the conversation about work. Finishing his tea.
- It would be nice blowjob after tea – suddenly said Fyodor Aleksievich.

Christine flushed cheeks, she looked into his eyes and Fedor Aleksievich not know what to say to him this dirty hint.
- C’mon, I know you like it. She also invited me to fuck you in the ass. Honestly the first time had a girl in the ass.
Christine bottom itched all she wanted to fuck her again in the ass, and she sat down to her knees and rastyagnuv pants, took his penis in her mouth.
- Oh …

Oh … Come deeper – groaned pleased fizruk helping hand, stick to your head Christine dick. Cam 2 cam random gay chat.

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