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- Jerk! So you do not understand anything.
Akbarsho sobbed, shaking it:
- But I … I could not …

- You do not understand – repeated Valentin tougher. – You killed them because they found. That you know that saved … and we know. But they, when mated when crawling in the muck, they did not understand … that by keeping the skin, kill …
- They …
- Listen to me, the puppy!

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They have not had a shower, okay? It’s the Americans! It only stomachs, bank accounts, automobiles. And you, saving them … saving them from shame, saving their faces killed our only chance to escape!

Akbarsho stood pale, his lips quivered, and hot words commander seemed still did not reach consciousness.
- They should not … – He whispered mouthed. – They shamed me … and all the people facing the sky! .. To their fathers and grandfathers …
Ahmed said sarcastically:
- Say it that George Washington himself asked you to shoot them! .. What do we do, Commander?

He looked proudly jaw pushed and straightened his shoulders wider. A man should die beautifully. And do not blame each other in the estimated time, anyone could make a mistake.
In the doorway appeared Dmitry Sergey.

Their faces were stone. His eyes flashed Dmitry longing that has been broken and life, but the jaw pushed even further than Ahmed and his chest expanded and enlarged broad plates muscles.
Valentine shrugged, his voice was firm, though tired and cheerless:
- They heard the roar of gunfire. Even heard the screams … We can not show live!

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