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Chat sex girls video. I saw her and smiled. Except the girl’s face was expressionless shock … It careful as on hot coals, steps into the room and stared at me. And from what it was when she saw me the above picture of my appearance.
- You … you … – she wanted to tell me something, but surprisingly partially deprived her speechless
- Yes, the girl? – I asked.

- You … you were raped … maybe? … – She pointed a trembling hand somewhere in the area of my girdle. I lowered my head and realized that the girl is amazing is not so much my appearance (frankly, obkonchany) view, but the fact that I have a penis. Apparently when I came here with Sasha yesterday, she took me for a real girl who was brought to the regular blyadki.

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But now it was a mistake on the face, and it’s a pretty girl’s face expressed consternation and amazement all when she stared at me.
I laughed at this assumption curious girl who if Peeper into the well, it is unknown how she saw when I was fucked doggy style, between the legs that I have something.
- No! – I said, laughing – well, that’s you!

It’s all my good friends … By the way, do not say how many of them all together was yesterday? I wonder just …
- D … d … twelve … seems to … um … maybe police need? – All stammering she said.

- Thank you, my dear! And the police do not, I’m such a “girl”-davalka, that’s all! – I smiled at her and went up to her, all trembling with shock, kissed her on the cheek … Girl, which was written on the nametag “Irina” did not do anything except just opened her mouth.

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