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- Yes it was cool, never such experienced. Do you have that drink of alcohol.

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- Yes, I think there – I got up and went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of vodka, half full, put it on the table and gave the man a glass, and she lifted the towel wrapped around his body and sat on a chair.
- You’re not going – the neighbor asked, pouring vodka into his glass.
I put another glass, he poured vodka there too, and we drank, ate cucumber.

- How old are you by the way years.
- Nineteen.
- And it’s getting fucked – I blushed and lowered her eyes down, and the neighbor continued conversation – And where you work?
- I’m not working, I’m in college.
- Seen there with all peretrahalas?
- No.
- And who learn.

- A teacher of literature.
- Yes kids you will love. Well I have to go. I’ll take the salt. Do you live alone.
- No Man.

- And where he is?
- Yes, on a business trip.
- And how much he will be there?
- Yes another week.
- Well, then I’ll come to visit yet.

The man put on his tights, slippers took salt and went home. The next day I was walking home from the institute. Child sex webcam.

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