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Light eyes closed, feeling the excitement powerful wave rolls on it.
-Take off your robe, I want to see you naked.
-Jur … I’m too shy …-she gasped, and Yura already untied her belt …
When colorful robe fell to the floor, the man turned her on.
-Do not be shy simpatulka and remove her panties. You have beautiful breasts.

Light smiled shyly and turning his eyes slowly pulled off his flirty guipure panties.
-Now undress me. – Jura asked eagerly eyeing charms girlfriend, slightly reddened with passion and easy shame of what she stands completely naked in front of a man with whom recently met on a dating site, several times engaged in virtual sex with him and somehow make an appointment at home …

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Yura was persistent. At first she ignored reports of a tall man in military fatigues, considering it another anxious suitor who is tired of his wife and looking for adventure with another woman. And amused Light, a lot of mistakes and awkward messages that Yura packs sent her.

Learn Russian language Losers, and then later write. – She answered him, completely ignoring the courting male.
But once out of curiosity by clicking on the post, saw poetry. Lots of great poems. And the signature- I’m dedicated to it!

The poems were about love and running his eyes over the lines of Light wondered how they cling her.
They were full of longing and unrequited love so that her eyes filled with tears.
From this moment on communication.

Yuri was very interesting conversationalist, well-read and excellent sense of humor. Cyber chat and cam rooms.

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