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- Yes dear and keep on only, mind you, you’ll tell me about his adventures.
- Yes dear I will.

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- And there that you fucked.
- Yeah, now there is a hole.

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Yes, you’ll see for yourself and soon. Come with me to the beach.
- Yes, there is something sweet I was tired after yesterday’s booze. You go.

Lena took a towel and went to the beach. I stretched on the bed, and my thoughts sped away, my head is spinning all that has happened lately. And I do not know what lies ahead for us Lena, but I liked to watch fuck my wife. Mufasa bypassed. Neighborhood pride territory as noise behind him riveted his attention. He turned around and it struck a crushing blow to the head forces.

When he awoke, he tried to get up, but was hindered shackles of attachment to the rock, and bound his feet. He found that within the territory of Elephantiasis Cemeteries in some cave. Then to his ears came the voice of a lion:
-What? Hands numb? Can not stand?
It was Scar, his brother.
-Scar!? What a joke? What’s going on here?

And why am I bound? – A lack of understanding Mufasa said, looking at his brother.
Jokes? Jokes? I’m not kidding, dear brother! Now all serious!
What you want from me? – Furious he asked.
-A’ll show you what I want.

And exactly who!
Mufasa looked on in disbelief Scar as that soft tread up to him, and he winced when rough tongue licked his brother in the neck. Mufasa looked puzzled at the antics of his brother, and finally realized that I wanted one.

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