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- Yes, – said Vladimir. He hesitated and somehow slowed down for a moment, thinking that his new friend will leave now.
- That’s great! – Again exclaimed Xenia.
- And what are you in the Russian far do if your homeland Germany?
- And so it did not live there nor here in ethanol degrees – Volodya replied enigmatically.

- I realized – she said softly.
And they all went well up in silence.
A few minutes later Volodya began shyly:
- All the relatives have long since left, but I still did not dare.
- I would think not, and would leave immediately, close all the more there – coined Xenia.
- And you’re free to talk in German?

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- Ich bin nicht nur zu reden, aber ich denke in Deutsch.
In Latin
- I’m not just talking, but I think in German – translated Vladimir, smiling.

- Class, and by not think you, as our Russian guy talking without an accent, – said Xenia amazement.
- Say something else in their own, and I’ll try to understand you.
- Ich wurde in Russland geboren, die Eltern der Wolgadeutschen. Er studierte an der russischen Schule und in der Tula State University an der Fakult # 228; tf # 252; r Soziologie.

Nicht verheiratet, keine Kinder, sind M # 228; dchen nicht. Ich liebe klassische Musik und intelligente und freundliche Menschen.
- You know, I knew only one thing, that you’re a good guy. What are you reliable, honest and kind.

- Thank you, – said modestly boast on Vladimir and looked at Ksjushu.
She was so funny and cute that he wanted to hug her and cuddle like a plump old puppy. Free canadian adult chat for ipod.

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