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Free direct sex live chat. I heard someone talking again, steps … But when the door opened and Sophie instead Kornity (the presence of which I expected), I saw a handsome man, tall brunette representative.
-You Jen? – Harry asked helpful stepping back – we are with Sophie and Arthur just talking about you.

- Arthur? – I walked into the room for a brunette and only then noticed in the chair where yesterday it was screaming and writhing passionate Sophie, another man who looked the same age as the brunet and also quite attractive appearance.
- Hi! – I heard a voice incoming Sophie – Meet. This Arthur (Sophie nodded toward the chair), and this nice young man Anatole.

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The more you know about each other is not required. Right?
Sofia smiled his enigmatic sly smile: You again today for a surprise, Jen! I was ready for surprises, but not all.

Sophia leaned over to my ear and whispered softly, Now you need to go to bed, get naked and just wait. Why wait? – I said – Me and my desires.
Uncomfortably I went behind the screen, undressed and got into bed.

I heard behind the screen talking and laughing. Then the conversation became quieter, the lights went out and only the dim light of a street lamp penetrated into the room, destroying its twilight. Then I heard light footsteps Sophie …

She came and kissed me on the cheek …
- Everything will be fine, just relax and not think about anything …
- I relaxed …
- I need to tie your eyes and hands to fix …
- Again?
- So necessary.

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