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- Sergei, answer me honestly, if you were on the verge of exposure, then climbed to at least where, as long as no one sees you? Huh?

- Probably – I said shortly.
- Well then, let’s go – and she called me stepping behind him.
I’m hiding behind, all naked and dirty dejectedly walked for skilled worker. We went up to the gate, and she opened it, looked outside.

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Already getting dark and there was dead silence.
- Come on. – She said, and I went out into the street, followed her, not understanding why I do it. It was like an obsession, and I did not realize what I was doing. Just dutifully complied with all her requests. Nearby stood a blacksmith shop and opened the door, she went inside and waved to me.

I followed her. Stay near one of the furnaces in which heated iron ingots, which later on the hammer forging parts, Anna Ivanovna asked:
- If I ask you to get here and it’s picking up a little detail, threw a side under the stove, you could do it? After all, you do not make any difference where to climb – she said.

- Yes – I said, and came to the furnace, he saw on the floor waiting to spilled oil. I sat down and leaning on hands, lay directly in the stomach oil, and moving half a meter under the stove, took an abandoned item and choosing handed it to Anna Ivanovna. Stomach and my genitals dripping black very viscous liquid.

It did not flow down, and slipped over the penis and balls and all stomach glistened in the rays of a street lamp, whose light was coming through the window. Free lesbian cam chat.

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