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I got up and then sat in the comfort of Ira. I began to stroke her breasts, that such a position was very comfortable, and he brazenly staring at her. Ira was lying quietly, prone to head to one side, her face was pleased expression, and his eyes shone boundless love. I looked at the place where we are connecting with each other.

I was incredibly cool. Feeling that I was about to cum, receded, member still standing like a sentry.
Irina got up on one elbow closer to me, spending his free hand on my face.

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It was filled with tenderness.
I grabbed it with both hands and held her close. She kissed me on the lips and began to dance, both in Indian dance, booty moving back and forth. Inexpressible feeling kicks, I realized that I will soon be over, but tried to delay this moment longer.

- I’m going to come -. I whispered in her ear, kissing him with.
- Well, well, me too, – she said to me, then strongly pressed me to his hands.
She became tense, her arms became simply iron, she moaned, trying not to scream, clenching his teeth. At this point, and I arrived in time for the first time to give such pleasure.

We sat still, probably, for a minute, moving away from the experience.
I spoke first.
- That was great!
- And I still want to. It felt so good!
- Well, I do not know if I can at once. It seems that he declined.

- Nothing to worry about. We no hurry.
- What about your mom? She’ll be back soon!
- Nope.

I asked her to go to a woman Shura to be with you. At first she hesitated, arguing, and then I convinced her. Free sex cam chat amuture no reg.

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