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We met almost every day – he has, then I just … flat … he did not want to advertise … but rumors of us still went … and two months later, I found out if he was going to marry the daughter of our nauchruka … I was furious.

he then asked me: “Do you believe me?” and I said “Yes.” – “Then do not listen to what they say evil tongues, we’ll be fine. Goss … he takes them to tell him … excellent job offer abroad. It again I said nothing.

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Although I see that he is a little annoyed at exhaust him. he invited me. entire evening we separately.
is the height of the evening. my favorite song sounds. he knows that I love this song. Suddenly he gets up and walks to the microphone.

“Everyone’s attention” – he says. seq. a few minutes – like a fairy tale – it makes me an offer and I say “yes.”
“All is well” – he whispers to me. so it was …

nauchruk is really going to marry his beloved daughter for him. but because it promised a prestigious job abroad, but he refused. we moved to the capital.

I’m already there has been education. Now we have worked, we live in perfect harmony …

importantly – trust your favorite … and then “all is well” … … Tell me, before you have already done piercings? – Asked Dr.

Rita – though he probably already noticed boldly stood out through the fabric blouses large nipples with rings – ornaments.
- Yes, I have pierced nipples. Already five years ago.
- Allow me to ask, if you do not mind.

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