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Free sexy online wab chat. Morgovskie attendants in front of numerous relatives slowly carried four coffins and loaded them into the funeral car. Drizzle drizzle, the air smelled of rotting leaves, disgusted cawing crows. Vladimir Heinze with a bandaged head held under the hands of the father and mother.

Papa Henry was plastered plaster forehead and left eyebrow, my mother Martha on the right hand was superimposed plaster splint and bandage fixed.
- Yes, that night someone Big bad luck – a sad voice said quietly Volodya.
- Come visit our Ksyushenka faster – said the pope and Henry pulled a son and his wife.
They entered into a cozy room.

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In the bed by the window looking at them and smiling lying Xenia.
- Guten tag Frau Xenia Heinz, – said Volodya, followed tighter phrase told mom and dad Henry March.
- Guten tag, – said Xenia.
Papa Henry rushed to Ksjushe.

He knelt beside her bed and thrilling voice: – Ksyushenka, daughter forgive me, I almost killed you. Ich bin ein altes deutsches Schwein! ۮ
- I’m an old German pig – he translated.
And my mother cried bitterly March, patting her husband on the head.
- Okay, I only have one rib broken, – soon healed.

- Pope Arise, – said Xenia and giggled, presenting his old German pig.
- I laugh hurt – clutching his stomach itself, whispered Xenia.
- What car?
- Machine is no more, – said Vladimir.
- It is a pity. Car was good.
- We, in the capitalist home three more cars are – said Volodya.

And laughed in unison.
Warm October deciduous knocking at the bedroom window and Ksenia Vladimir Heinze.

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