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Kohl fidgeted nervously. Gaze slid over the duck.
-Where is the nurse? – Nervously muttered Kolya.
-Let me – emphatically exclaimed Xenia and, in spite of all his protests slipped under it a duck, pulled down his pants and even took his cock in his hand, that would not inadvertently Kohl wrote in bed. Kohl cast.

Xenia took a duck. But suddenly felt the that his penis in her hand stirred and stood up. It is stupid and wanted to jerk hihknula hand, but was caught Colina iron grip. He took her fingers a couple of times and its vzdrochnul. Ksenia giggled again.
-Kolya, do not, – she whispered shyly smiling – This may enter nurse. Cho are you doing?
-Latch on the door – he muttered softly.

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-Nick, come on. I now love another. That’s all, now is not yours – she coyly provorkavala trying to remove second hand from his chest.
-Well, you wanted to ask for forgiveness? – Nick whispered into her ear.
-Not in the same way? – She was outraged and broke.

Indignation she even blushed. She jumped up and high-heeled protsokala to the exit.
-Last time. In parting, – voice Kohli was so pleading. Ksenia turned and looked at Kolya. In the end, it’s because of her, he lies with a broken leg in this ward. Babya pity and she won, pokalebavshis hesitantly went back to bed.

-Last time? – Pause muttered Ksenia
-The latest! – Fervently assured her Kohl – Nobody will know no fear.
-Chris would kill me – probormatala she still hesitating.
-Come on!
-You can not move. Bone may be displaced.
- Nnnu, okay – she dared. -Last.

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