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Well, – I cried on the move and rushed to his office. After I heard the hooting all who were in the hall. Late, came with some macho disheveled. What conclusions they did, do you think? Brother did not even look in my direction. He avoided me all day like the plague. It was unbearable. And I decided to put an end to our disagreement.

I walked up to him in the smoking room and did not hesitate crammed there dancers, said loudly: Before your friends, before God and my conscience, I ask you to forgive me and I promise not to disappoint you anymore. The guys decided that his brother is blown onto me because of Chasseurs, but we knew that I ask for his forgiveness.

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On all sides were heard the applause and appreciative whistles, but that is not asking for an explanation, I stormed out of there.
In the evening, everything was as usual. After his speech, even in makeup and sequins, the brother came to me and said, I realized that the correct position – sex with the natural man, and if you want me to forgive you, it has to be tonight.

Jaegers machine stood at the door, as he promised, his brother had accompanied me to her, shook hands with the rangers, and put me in a car and closed the door behind me.
I understand this gesture as a blessing, – he chuckled.
As you wish, you know, – I said resignedly.
You’re not happy to see me? – He was upset.
No, I’m just tired, – I said sadly.

And he brought me to some unfamiliar area of the city, consisting of private houses, with large areas. Life sex chat for ipad.

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