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- Helen, she introduced herself and said that we like as neighbors
- Alex, I introduced myself
- Where are you from, she asked
- Moscow, I said
- Oh, she said, and I’m from Bremen.
- I’ve been there, even though he saw only the center and a monument to the Bremen Town Musicians
- However, she said, a small world, do not want a beer
- Do not give up, I said, and swam closer to a side

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Aunt looked pretty good and despite the relatively cool water and piquancy of the situation, as well as a desire to see her completely, and made me forget about the cold and the lack of clothing. Helen was quite pretty and pleasant conversationalist.
She walked to the edge and gave me a can of beer from which I immediately took a sip.

- Perhaps try vodichku she said, and began to take off with a towel thighs. I froze in anticipation of a kind and what was my surprise when it turned out that under the towel was nothing!!, Except for the Helen. She laid it on the edge and sat down, knees bent and legs wide apart, rather, by opening itself in all its glory.

From the angle I opened just fell into a stupor, from which however returned quickly, Helen asked to return beer. To do this, I had to approach very close to it, but I was totally against.
I gave the bank, and he unceremoniously stared at her pussy. Looked at me quite large, dark lips, which are slightly glittered.

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