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Live webcam se chat. Do you think we – callous people? And what was this love fifu: for all his debts who can, for his moods, when the waiters five times he changed the water in the flowers in the dressing room.

For the scandals because of where he was standing his favorite cocktail, valued for its bills costumes that sometimes gritting his teeth, brought me boss, and sometimes require payment of fees that drastically reduced the salaries of all the dancers at once. No one would tolerate such a capricious, but he earned a night for our club more money than two days all the other dancers together.

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The fact that somehow he managed to seduce the richest ladies of the city, and all at once, which were a kind of informal club, and his charges were held at the tables of our club and it was in the days when Howard worked. Than he took them, I do not know, but for a lap dance, and he performed for the evening about fifteen, they paid quite a lot of money (and it is for some seven – ten minutes!) And when lifting fees for any type of novelty erotic foot massage during the dance, did not grumble.

Yes, I did not say, but we have a club for lovers (they are always more) male strippers. Strange how I got here, but more on that later.
Third incident (comic)

Going down to the boss, with documents in hand, I heard strange sounds that resembled … whether mooing, or sniff. And around the corner I has run worse not say kissing passionately on Phil and newcomer of the corps de ballet, even do not know the name.

They did not notice me, and I just tried to quietly slip away, as the newcomer Phil lips pulled away from that very sexy licking and huskily growled at me. Live webcam se chat.

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