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Nude chat rounds. Well, chose the most humble, and went sobiratsya.Dzhess took styling my hair and makeup Mae. And after a while torture, I looked at myself in the mirror … on May bastard … I was like inflatable woman, but did not look much vulgar and my mouth was closed)))).

Lacy underwear, panties, consisting of a pair of cords, dress britelek, Cherry, Giant-heeled shoes, and laid lokanam hair … well, at least I looked the most decent, compared to my girlfriends)) ).
We had a deal – get drunk into smithereens! When we came vyzhrat bottle of rum and Coke, and went for a beer))).

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An hour later, I do not understand what’s happening! Soon after crazy dance under such compositions, the translation of which resembled the Kama Sutra))). I do not remember how I danced, but after a while I decided to drink something else))). At the bar there was no one sitting only one boy, or was lying on the table.

I went and tried to pronounce the name of the cocktail, but my attempts have failed. Then I uslushala familiar voice: I look at you tongue heavily braided? , I turned around and saw Zack, who probably already slept)). And alcohol affects me well, very well, I did lose control!) I said, why did he not help me? Zach bought a bottle of something I did not even realize it))).

Then he offered seats on his lap, I do not otkazalas.Zak sat and stroked my leg, each time closer to my panties.
There is a proposal to participate in the competition for the sexiest couple, and that sexuality should be expressed in dance. Nude chat rounds.

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