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- I honestly did not want to – try to justify Lena, dropping my protruding member and rising to his feet.
- I’m not hard, if you want, I’ll even dig up a bucket. On the shore is full of them – again said Dima.

- Okay, do not get angry, I honestly do not lie. It just happens – again become excuses Lena before Dima.
I do not like, that they quarreled because of me and I said.
- Dim not be angry, I allowed myself and if you want you can even push. I still do not hurt – even pleasant.
- You heard me.

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Sergey himself and allows more permits. You do not want to try myself – Lena asked in Dimka.
- No, I had better go and trash’ll take, and then you push though all the worms in the district – he said, and picked up a handful of the latest truck carried it into the cart. Lena picked a fine grass hands and went after him. In the yard, they were talking, but I could not hear.

Soon Dimka with a shovel and Lena circumcised plastic bottle came to me.
- Are you serious or joking – said Dima.
- If I was joking, and then the first worm is not allowed to shove – I replied.
- Well, then, I leave you until I go – can push all you want, but there will be time to have dinner – he said, and went along with Lena and began to dig.

Lena picked worms and laying them in a container. Dima did not stop digging. It was hard to see, and I thought.
- Tolley little worms, felts or really want to collect all.
Lena told him something, but I could not hear, and I could only imagine or fantasize that I would like to hear. They went back, almost in an embrace.

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