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Chapter 6, Cold morning Rhine-Westphalia
Adding a dowry in the trunk of the Mercedes, Ksenia tearfully said goodbye to mom and dad. Swat and Volodya goodbye embraced with parents and young Ksyushi international family, with father and mother, doing a lap of honor at Podolsk, headed for the Ruhr region of northern Germany. At first overnight stop in Belgorod.

Nothing special happened, everything collapsed, and slept like the dead themselves without feeling legs. Then Ksenia and Volodya ukachennye road, sleeping on the back seat of the vehicle. Ksenia occasionally wake up and ask what my mother Martha, who sat behind the wheel, the Pope Henry: – Where are we? .
- In Ukraine eat my daughter – my mother replied in March.

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- Where are we?
- By far Brest daughter – dad replied Henry.
Once through customs, and the breeze swept across Poland, took an early breakfast and catch up on sleep in Skwierzyna on leaving the country.

Thus, rest, and in the late afternoon off again. All the way Volodya did not let his hands Ksyushinu hand. He kissed her and occasionally stroking, comforting his wife in connection with the sudden changes.

She took care of him and continued to quietly napping on his lap.
- German passport control – the Pope said Henry and handed the open driver’s window stack of documents. Checking documents salon looked customs.
- Oh, as a German soldier in the Russian films, something I was terribly, – whispered in his ear Ksenia Volodya.

- It is not used to – smile reassured her Volodya. Online nude webcams with randoms.

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