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-Can I suck you, he whispered in my ear, and then you vyebesh my ass. -
-Of course, my brother, ‘I replied, and threw the blanket. We’re met on a dating site and copied quite a long time, scrutinizing each other. But in the end, when our affections and inclinations so coincide, the day of our meeting.

As agreed, did you get to everything you need to meet: lingerie, stockings, high heels, makeup, and I rented an apartment.
We phoned when I already have in place and shoved landlady. After all, she was not supposed to see you. Apartment studio was transformed into a “studio” with a huge bed, in front of which was a large mirror, a bathroom with hot water and all that.

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You called and I let you in to the apartment.
- Come on – I said, letting you into the room. You walked in and looked around in silence all around, said perebaryvaya some awkwardness of our first meeting privately
- Nothing cozy.
- Maybe coffee or tea? – I suggested also feeling somewhat awkward – I’m sorry, nothing stronger can not offer.

- No, thank you. Not necessary – you said.
- Then maybe you will begin to prepare themselves? – I finally plucked up the courage to start the most important thing, what we actually here today.
- Yes, but where are the best? – You answered remarkably easy, as if waiting for this.

In our strained relationship from the beginning as if suddenly wafted heat is not that friendly participation or close relationship there. Between us because this has not been, to say the truth. But something is definitely warmer and ice wary some mutual alienation clearly gave a crack.

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