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- Soon, lunch, and you’re still awake – my mother said irritably. And Dad groaned, flipping through the daily press, as if poddakivaya mom.
- And where I hurry if I’m a fool.
- Who’s that you say? – Angry voice asked Mom.
- Oh, one last girlfriend right on the street.
- Oh, you fool!

Yes, these fools day the fire, you will not find a fool it – throw it out of your head and do not listen to any …
Mom did not have time to finish as in Ksyushi Inside cell phone rang. She reluctantly got up from the table and went to him.

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- Volodya Volodya! – Yelling, swept past Ksenia mom and dad and closed in the bathroom.
- What that Volodya – standing under the bathroom door, my mother asked.
Taking a shower, Ksenia loudly shouted: – Volodya had already checked out of the Tula and sent to us in Podolsk by car with their parents! .
- Oh, Lord – blurted mom and dad, coughed, dropped his newspaper.

- And why go? – Mother asked.
- I do not know! – Laughing, said Xenia.
And Margarita Ivanovna immediately said to myself: – This is a fool I am, not my daughter.
- After two hours, we will! – Continued to inform Ksenia from the bathroom.

Mironov row sitting on the couch, in the middle of Xenia, his hands resting on his knees tightly compressed. Her lilac chiffon dress smiling with her. Parents dressed in formal dresses and mother twisted on the finger ring with amber, dad fiddling with glasses. The doorbell rang.

- Mom open – said Xenia.
- Misha open, we’re afraid – complemented request daughter mom. Online sexy webcam chat.

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