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- Listen! I have an idea! Today I havent ancestral home, they only come in two days! Let’s ask for leave from his parents and went to me! Popem beer and all that!
Artem said happily
- Yes without the bazaar!
- Well, as you Svetsik? Will you come?
I began to ask Sergei.

More probably until this summer, I would have immediately refused even permit would not ask the parents. But now, I do not know why I’ve become brave, and I thought why not!
- I’ll try
as a result I said.

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Oddly parents let me go quite easily, not even asked a friend to what I’m going to sleep. That’s how I was at a party Sergei. Artem and Gleb were already there and has apparently not only drank beer. I was greeted by cheers
- About Sveta!

Cool that you came! Let us brandy turf!
And at the end I had lost all remnants of prudence agreed. Prior to that, I tried alcohol once in a lifetime, when furtively drank from a glass of vodka on my mother’s last celebration of the new year.

And vodka then I do not like creepy. But now, sitting together with the guys, I like a real alcoholic in one fell swoop drained a glass of brandy and even winced which caused a surge of high jinks at children.
- Oh yes you are the master, come to the second!
Told me pouring more.

I myself did not notice that I, along with the guys drained whole bottle of brandy! Then I for a while just disconnected. But when I came I realized that I was lying on the floor on the carpet, and I was at this point removes her panties.

Horrified almost instantly sobered I opened my eyes and saw all three guys completely naked with protruding members. Online webcams sex.

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