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Citric land blooming dandelions in a blind boy was swimming in the mouth with a slice sour sweet tea in the pitch night brown eyes. He sat at the open windows wide and scratched air arms outstretched, moving thin fingers that over a glass of hot tea, the outside mirror on the wind.
- I see them!
- They are smiling at me!
- Under the left hand six heads of dandelions in two rows!

- And under the right arm four lemon head bunch!
- Mom, I can see them with your fingers! – Sasha shouted enthusiastically.
He tried to sit up in a wheelchair, but lost her balance and fell flat on the floor.
- ah-ah-ah! – resounded in the room.
Rubber protector in bone checkered wheel machine, crushing his head three years Sasha, stank of molten asphalt and road dust.

Painful, very painful in the lower back …
Caulk bees buzzing in the ears, and he crawled on all fours on the smell of the kitchen, dragging the paralyzed legs. Pakistni sex chat room.

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Pakistni sex chat room.
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