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Rendom chat. Typically, in this city, where almost always raging strong winds, the weather is unusual – without the wind was quiet rain. Strangely it seemed that there was no wind at all, and only walked endlessly rain.

-You know, Nick, in my life were just something some women. I know that it is unusual for a lot of men, but in fact it is. I can not do without love even just talking with a woman – broke the silence Zarik.
He remembered the gift of his former favorite.

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It was a picture, which still lay wrapped in his closet. He did not hang this picture on the wall, as it reminded him of the separation. He endured difficult separation from a loved one, and he was so hurt by the fact that she left him because he loved her so much.
Nicky Zerika voice returned again today:
-Wow, Zarik, ventured to come with you here – Nick looked at him with her wonderful eyes.

And she has blonde eyebrows, to match her hair, – said to myself Zarik. – And she looks younger than his forty-seven years old, much younger.
-You know, you’re one of the few who I really liked at first sight.

I liked you in everything, and I am pleased that now you’re with me here so you sit, and together we drink tea with chocolate – Zarik said it with such a serious and sad tone that as if it were to be shot.
He suddenly for some reason I thought that it would be impossible to kiss and hug ever even Nick. She looked so serious.

Seems Zarik already beginning to lose hope that made any impression on her. His eyes dimmed and once established at one point. Rendom chat.

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