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- What! Yes, what are you saying? She is our mother! – I cried ..
And suddenly smile touched his lips Yar.

- I think I understand .., – he said – my mother, it seems, needs a good spanking …
I already choked … But Yar was deadly serious:
- Well, fl, of course, I’m kidding .. Though .. – He chuckled – Say, brother .. When you knocked 15 years – we have something here with his father was not offered a mother myself to you?

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I stared at him in surprise.
- Clear .. – handed it – and come to thee at night? Maybe you yourself refused it? Maybe you want it to continue to be your mother alone?

- Yar .. – I muttered, – I do not understand …
Brother swore softly ..
- Well, Mom! Though I would have said, damned! Just imagine what you thought about all this, brother! Nearly gnawed by his mother ..

I did not understand and looked at him dumbfounded.
- I myself would have thought .. – suddenly zaopravdyvalsya brother – but two weeks ago our squad slept on Dubrava Outpost. I saw it with my father and he told me himself that when he left the house, even for the winter, not only allowed the mother – but even ordered – on your fifteenth birthday to go to bed with you …

I have already jaw dropped. A Yar, glancing at me, laughed …
- Well, well, my friend, it’s called adulthood .. Adolescence behind already ..
- But .. But I do not understand, brother .. – I slurred bleated – why she had to go to bed with me?

Yar came up to me, patted him on the cheek and sat down on my bed ..
- Because you have 15 winters, brother .. Sex chat online mobile free.

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