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Here comes the brother, tell him everything! – Threatened me. And we will do it, fagot! – Shouted one of the twins. He will bring his friends, and they have thrashed! – I decided to intimidate mocking teenagers.
There are a fag, like himself – shouted another.

Then mom showed up in the room. She stood with her hands folded on his chest, and looked around the site of the battle. How many times, – she said icily. – I asked you not to meddle in the lives of your brothers and sisters.
Most sisters – chuckled one of the brothers.

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And then my mother burst out, she grabbed whatever came to hand, and threw in the twins, who barely had time to dodge flying objects. All my life … I … … mangled … bastards! – Panting, she repeated with each subject, lets go flying. Yes, Mom, you know that … crazy? – Afraid of twins.

Indeed, after years of coaxing, concealment and sighs, my mother decided, finally, to a full-fledged scandal. Your brother – in jail! Sister – no work! What we will pay for electricity, food and pay for your endless pranks?

And they dare to accuse brother of homosexuality, then, as if he did not, how would I support you? Over in your room! And if I see at least one of you, or even hear the sound of your room – I’ll call the police, and they give up as a minute before I make a double murder their own children!

Apparently, menacing look was sufficient proof of the words mother, as without the word brothers trudged to his room and quietly closed the door behind him. Sex chat video.

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