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- I suggest you play?
I shrugged.
- Well, you asked for it. But I do not know how to play and propose to divide the bones and calculate. I agreed. Anna Ivanovna dominushek counted 14, and the rest took me and we started to count. Anna Ivanovna was smaller and she counted faster.

- 64 – she said.
- And I 104 – I replied barely concealing a smile.
I do not believe his eyes, and he was afraid to jinx it, but Anna Ivanovna asked.
- And what’s next.

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- I lost and the difference is 40 and I need to be in the pit for forty minutes.
- Well, then go ahead, you sit – she said.
I was shocked and did not immediately realize, but after reminding immediately jumped off the bench and ran to the pit.

There I undressed and crawled under the cover, holding out his cock and balls. I could not believe that now it will be held at Anna Ivanovna and it seemed that I was dreaming, but while I head in the clouds, she went and there was one foot on the penis, and the other on the eggs and began to press down. I have suffered and she was waiting when I start to ask not to press more.

Of course I could not resist and then she asked.
- Now you can crush and fire retroactively? Huh?
- There’s no need Anna Ivanovna. Now I do not feel like it.
- So forty minutes.
- Yes. – I replied.
- Well then, do not be angry – she said and started to walk a little break here and there, just like that without any reason, just to teach me a lesson and constantly stepping on my genitals.

I have suffered and even excited. My dick was hard and tense, as if forged from iron. Sex web chats.

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