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- What are they doing? – Cried Akbarsho sorry. His eyes climbed on his forehead, he stepped back, looked for support on older friend, but his face was Ahmed real as the mountains of Hebron, full of contempt for these creatures dressed man mask.
- Look – he advised. – You should know what kind of people are at war.
Akbarsho shouted suddenly ripped thin voice.

Automatic in his hands twitching, muzzle fire shone like a candle Bengali inserted there. Americans threw shots crashing to the floor before they reached the bullet.
Akbarsho screamed and squatted, drove the barrel, pouring steel captive hail.

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They screamed, moaned and tried to rush the walls, hiding one another, were killed under the fallen. Finally the striker flicked dry and at the same time last cry subsided, only heard more wheezing, motionless bodies crawled out streams of blood turned into broad red tides.

Blood in overweight Americans were fattened much, it flooded the floor completely, even drowned in red fingers outstretched hand of a young American.
Ahmed grabbed his shoulder:
- What do you do? .. What have you done!
- How could they? – Shouted Akbarsho in fear and despair.

His face is crooked, twitching eyes were desperate. – How do they … could? The same people? .. People, huh?
Ahmed replied gravely:
- Not sure.

Valentin ran on crashing. Quickly spread to all general view, understood, gritted his teeth. Ahmed cried bitterly:
- It’s my fault! .. Why am I so brainless ass?

Valentin with severe anger looked away from the blood-spattered bodies: Sexy chat room videos live.

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