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Sexy live video chat. Before entering the city registry office Ksenia squinted at the sun, and it is worse than ever and shone around him was white, white sky.
What can we say, as much as possible letters, words interspersed with punctuation marks describe pass wedding celebration? Yes, in a good way.

It’s like that for certain color to color words to describe the beauty of the peacock. This is a celebration of beauty and need to see is inside it smelled holiday outfits feel hands of bride and groom, husband and wife rather see the faces of those present and hear their speech. Different faces, different speech.

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Outside the restaurant, lighting a cigarette for the second, there were those friends at the institute and Ksyushi artificially smiling facing air guests.
- And nothing nemchuta, cute and complicated is not bad, but most importantly fucking rich – through gritted teeth poisonous said one of the three.
- Ksyushka scat on the seventh heaven. Here’s a whore, and!

After all, stuck right in the same visually impaired and pretended to fool us – sizzled second friend , struggling swallowing cigarette smoke.
- Okay, let’s go and everything is clear. And we have some girls toe, toe and some alcoholics, – said the third.

Girls without complexes extinguished cigarettes on the urn and colorful peacocks with war paint on his face, walked down the street, being dissolved in an urban crowd.
The evening came. Remembering their wedding, both parents rented four rooms in the hotel itself Podolsk in two days, giving young couples though the first 48 hours to be alone and …

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