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To be continued …

The next day I woke up long and hard. Just got out of bed at noon. Mother was not around. I went first thing and put myself in the relative order and threw a dozen dumplings in the pan – was terribly hungry. Tortellini thank God we always had enough strategic product and easy to cook and bathe mamma not particularly necessary.

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Then came the nurse, not yet drunk, but tipsy:
- Hi, my son! Finally woke up. Where yesterday all day been? She asked.

Then I froze not dumpling means bringing to the mouth – what shall I lie to her then-poubeditelnee …
- Oh, walked, in drugana was played in the console.
Mother looked sternly at me, sat opposite, lit and said:
- I allowed you all, do what you want – and you give me so brazenly lying. For I know that you’re lying.

First I lost half a liter of food, or do you think I would not notice? Second morning about toilet vomit was, you see early began to vomit, not all informed. Most can not stand it when they lie. So if you want to have more and remember – no secrets from me, okay? Come on, tell me.

I promise that I will not scold for nothing.
And I said sipping tea and gradually moving away from a hangover. I told him everything, everything in the most glowing terms. Mother listened to all never interrupting. When I finished, she asked:
- Well, who do you like more – me or Val?

- Well, Mom, and question for you. Sexy video chat on ipod.

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