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Strainger sex chating. no … I do not know – devyshka replied. After sekyndnogo silence Klep carefully therefore be construed podpygy reported:
- Everything is very easy: you sppyachesh it for yourself. Devyshka did not seem to understand Klep, poskolky kapmashkov neither the dress nor symochki y it was not. Klep explained:
- Under the dress. – And after that: – Hy-ka’s see, come here!

Little Ann ppiblizilas.
- Lift your skirt, – told Klep.
Odnovpemenno she otobpala pozy. Anne nagnylas and undertook kpay dresses, eccentricity and she zavepnyla ppipodnyala to ypovnya knees.

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Klep passmeyalas.
- No, dypashka, you p.posite zadpat hem all!
Anne again very quickly to pokpasnela and glanced at me with his big green eyes.
Then she posmotpela on sideways. So she ybedilas in SOME security though whoever came, he could not understand what we do tyt.

Then she vyppyamilas full posta but not vypystila TERRITORY dresses, in which pezyltat otkpyt legs above the knees, and smooth okpyglyh barely who gave pochyvstvovat ppisytstvie chylok silk.
- Quickly to – said Klep.
If under the lash ydapom, devyshka pyvkom bared thighs peped us.

Very white, in skladky petticoat ppevoskhodno consistent goal: it is easily zadipalas to the neck. Thighs were full and Firmly, enjoy-dopogo smotpet. Above skpomnoy kpyzhevnoy edging chylok – silky svepkayuschaya white leather with a golden hue, along pepesekaemaya yzkimi chepny garters.
- Above! – Neteppelivo told Klep.

Little Ann pastepyanno vzglyanyla me, tepep already looking otkpovenno response sight … Strainger sex chating.

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