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Usa sex chat room. In general, I agreed to go back to this pit. To make it easier to lie on the advice Stepanych I planted cloth under his head and the ass to lift up under the most grating and immediately checked for myself – it was quite comfortable. I lay down and pulled the grate. ? came and helped me. Then again, I pushed through the hole his cock and balls out.

From all that is happening, I was all excited and trembling, even spoke vaguely of excitement.
- Cold or something – said Ivan Stepanovich.
- There is probably no excitement – I replied.
- Who will take your excitement, – he said and grinned.
Putting the grid and aligning it in the pits, so it is not swayed, and leaned ? grabbed my cock and balls pulled. I gasped and he let go.

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- I was scared – he asked.
- No, it just hurts.
- I just corrected it, and if it will hurt, you say, do not be silent – he said and walked away.
What’s he up, then I had no idea, but my dick was very excited and was lying on the array surface, bare head in the face of stolons and eggs lay beside a little towards the feet on the iron lattice.

Then I heard footsteps and became a close look through the cracks. ? came and stepped on not stopping my penis and passed on. I almost gasped the habit, but said nothing. When he came back and asked me how I was, I said okay. He repeated again and again and each time stepping on a cock and not touching my balls. Then he asked my health and repeated again. I was very excited.

He walked around my cock as asphalt and I loved it. Usa sex chat room.

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