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So I decided to write this story.
Was an ordinary school day, 7 lessons. The lessons were over, and I went to the locker room for a jacket. When yaprohodil by his classmate Veronica (whores and progulschitsy), she suddenly stopped me.
- Vlad – she said – I need urgently ICQ on your phone.

-Get off my back, ‘said the other, look, I have no money.
-Well Vlad – she freaked.
- No and all – I snapped.

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Suddenly, she took me by the arm and dragged him into the museum, who was with us on the second floor.
-Where are you taking me? I asked.
She said nothing and dragged me to the museum. Then she turned to me and took off his short blouse, exposing her breasts thus, size 2.
-What are you … – I did not finish as she kissed me in my guby.Ya felt her tongue at the sky.

Her tongue worked tirelessly she licked me sky, teeth, intertwined with my tongue.
Me immediately enveloped desire fuck this bitch, the more that this onahotela itself.
I lifted her leg to the thigh (she was wearing a short skirt without tights) and began groping her ass.

We stopped kissing and she launched her hand in my pants, grabbed me by my balls and started their massirovat.Moy member immediately got up and started to unbutton Veronica shtany.Zatem me when my pants fell, she squatted, grabbed my tremendous member of her hands and began to suck. I began to feel sensuous delight, and Veronica all sucked and sucked my dick tremendous, and after 5 minutes I came in her mouth.

Veronica did not have time to swallow my seed and half semen spilled on pol.Potom Veronica stood up, took off her panties from under her skirt and jumped on me. Www free sxe webcam chat.

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