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- Allah Akbar!
He saw this very sweet moment in my life, crazy fear these subhumans that noticed his enlightened person had to understand what to expect, in a wild fear tried to pull away, even though they know well that all the terrible explosion will detonate hundreds of steps in all directions and vobet even in the ground …

- Allahu Akbar – he had already mentally repeat, the words did not have time, and he knew that appear in gardens Gianna with a happy smile on her face, half matured, for all the men out there thirty-five years, it will meet the most beautiful women. – This is for you … a storm in the desert …
Waking up when I first experienced the hangover in full. Did not want to vomit, but headache cool.

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Nurse was not home, I was not surprised – tea went back to her friend. I ate an appetizer benefit from yesterday was still, this thing was drinking beer and taking half-liter of stocks went to my mother’s aunt Vale.

Describe it a little as I can: 45 years (at the time), a relatively large figure, large breasts (the largest of the three sisters), brown hair, shoulder length hair, curvy ass that nazyvetsya growth 1.73 – (my mom 8 inches below, and Aunt Lyuba we generally 1.60.)
On the way to my aunt, I nervously smoked one after another, still not believing in what happened to me over the past two days.

I never grasped I loved mom or said this yesterday because I was drunk. But for some reason I liked it and did not want now or in school – the good start to a vacation now, nor do anything at all. Broadcast adult webcam no sign up.

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