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PS If you like my story then send me a mail in that memorable session I attended a good friend Rita pretty Thirty adventurer, lover of unusual experiments.

Average growth, green-eyed, with a luxurious, slightly curly, thick dark hair and lovely reducing me crazy legs, Margarita had a magic beauty pussy.
Smooth, pink, with perfect proportions sponges, and quite large, the sensitivity of the clitoris cherry, peering out from under the hood, it was at her request, decorated with a challenging but very effective piercings.

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Long, 6 cm long, slightly curved rod, entering slightly above the urethra, penetrates through the clitoris, leaving out only near the top edge of large sponges.
Seeing the photos with a similar thrust, called “Isabella”, she immediately decided that it – for her.

Rita personally chose the post in a few shops, then ring up salons, but in the end we, on the recommendation of friends, went to a doctor who performed the procedure without any key problems. In the breast, she took this summer new, thick, 4 mm rings, and markedly increased nipples excited at the slightest touch.
Rita actually, and all organized.

Met at work with a new employee, they quickly found common themes. Intimate that did not surprise. Rita, of course, a story to tell and show, but the girl was not easy.

In this employee had a friend, a doctor – a graduate student, from whom she was delighted agreed to meet next weekend. Chat free no register in malta.

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