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Lena looked at me and glancing around, even blushing a little blush or was it from walking, suddenly said.
- If you want, you can now walk under such snowfall – and lowered her eyes down.

I realized that she was worried about, and what she wanted from me was just glad her proposal. I myself would ask permission from her to walk naked through the winter woods could not. Courage simply not enough.
- And it will not confuse you – I asked.
- No, I already used that you walk in the room naked – Lena answered.

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I thought and did not know where to start. Lena burden I do not want her to carry with my clothes, and there was nowhere to hide. Circle was a rare and high forest and shrub in the mouse does not even hide.
- You lost something – Lena asked.
- No, I think, where to put your stuff – I replied.

- Come on, I’ll carry them – invited Lena.
- Yeah, you’re still going to hang with them – I said.
- Put them here, who will take them – Lena said.
- Of course they do not need anyone, but maybe someone that will also walk in the woods – I explained.
Lena thought, but then he said.
- Over there, look.

Small pine. Fit?
- This is what you need, and I cried gleefully drowning in snow centimeters twenty, twenty-five, I began to wade through them and soon threw off all, I tucked neatly under the pine branches and stepped into the street, where I waited for Lena.
- You cold – she asked.

- No, not even warm – this day was zero temperature and wind almost did not exist. The only pity is that the snow was so small and hardly showered. Chat indonesia webcam adult.

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