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To him it was more convenient, it like a real gymnast raised her right leg and rested it on the edge of the wall, behind which there was a lift. Vadim fucked her in the ass while caressing hand clitoris.

Finally – they both froze: it was seen as the priests of my Lyudmilki on his balls trickle flowed sperm.
Luda back on its haunches and began to lick his balls, and then took his penis in her mouth. The sight I – involuntarily finished his pants without even touching myself.

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Luda finally got up, kissed goodbye to Vadim, and sought for clues began to open the door, taking the left hand bag and the right – shale.
I barely had time to remove his pants, throw them in the wash and climb into bed. A few seconds later the door opened and Luda tiptoed into the bath.

It took a few minutes, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped, and now – Luda ducked me under the covers with her head on my shoulder.
Sleep, my love! New things we’ll see tomorrow!

… Play loud music, the DJ spun melody one after another, and Lena has unashamedly laughed out loud at jokes like Rustam and did not notice his playful hands, which seem as casually and gently touched her waist, chest and thighs. Then she danced with Rustam and he already being groped her body, eagerly looking at the girl’s charms slightly slanting black eyes.

-Well, that Lenok! Cocktail and home? I’ll see you. – Rustam said, and put on the table two glasses with intricately decorated fruit.

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