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Free cam 2 cam chat indian. Then the defendant’s sister accidentally dropped that last into the room came to her brother Howard. But it is – a lie. Her brother was in Chief when I referring garbage back and overheard Howard (for some reason in the corridor at the very moment there was no one). And then, when it’s completely left, ran this lady.
The judge said: Start recording video.

One moment, please, when this man, as he claims, went out the back door of the club. Been looking for this moment on film, even its scrolled up and down twice. Surf on … but it was not.

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The Court shall retire to deliberate, – muttered the judge.
After a half-hour break, when all iznervnichalis so that lit up everything, even who has never smoked.
In view of the new circumstances, hearing about this strange murder postponed the next day.
And the next day the first Shrek invited to testify.
- Listening to you. What did you do in the day of the murder in hardware?

- Conceal evidence.
- The fact that my ex-in-law – a big bastard.
- Who?
- Howard – my son in law. He stole my sister took all valuables and money, and threw one with a child, when she a week before it rewrote all his possessions.
- How could he be your son in law?
- So, like any other man. They were married for two years.

Sister begged on his knees not to submit him to the police, but I applied and I returned to my application for an unknown reason to me. Maybe because the judge was also a woman who visited our club? Can someone wanted revenge for my sister that she owned it for two years?

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