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And now he has taken and raised! She said, standing on the floor below, near the butt.
I silently went down and picked up a cigarette butt.

She said, showing me to refuse.
I threw a cigarette butt in an ashtray standing below the floor.
Sorry, I do not do it again, I said, a little regretful voice.
You’re the pig and clean you think others should, huh?
No. I have to clean up …
Well, here! So go get a basin of water and a rag.

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I am waiting for you here
I went home, poured a huge plastic basin with water, took a doormat and brought it all into the stairwell. This girl was a hands on hips and it’s a very intelligent and clever face felt a little small and a nice smile, but it is a not a smile, but just such a calm state of a person. She was dressed in some sort of jacket with a zipper, shorts and flip flops.

She said, showing a finger on the area, which fell goby.
I took a rag, soaked it in a basin of water and began to scour the area. All the time while I was washing the pad, then she stood silently and stared at me, watching as I try. When I washed the whole area, it pointed to the stage below.
More … more …

I moved down and began to rub one step lower than this platform.
Nothing … nothing … more pomoesh! Night long …

If you throw a master, then be transoms and remove
So I sank lower and lower, and she stood silently on the step above, closely overseeing the way I work. Free gay chatrandom.

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