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- Yes, Natasha, took. And you sit down while on the bed – a commanding tone I said Lena. – Although better bed bed.
I could not believe it and did what I am asked.
Girls another minute discussing something quietly saying some words on each other’s ear, glancing in my direction, then fell silent and looked at me smiling.

- What do you want? – I broke the silence, but the girls did not say anything.
Instead of answering, they came close to me and hugged me. I did not expect this.

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Lena stood on the left, right, and Natasha. I hugged them, too. They started to kiss me on the stage, eyes closed and moaning. Under my shirt climbed four female hands and began to caress the body. Wasting no time, I slid my hands under their clothes and began to knead breasts girls: Lena one hand, the other Natasha.

Looks like this is the beginning of their start.
- Linen, help me take off my clothes with our new friend!
- You will be just fine with us – Lena said, looking at me. – You just do not think that we will immediately fuck all three of us have a hankering for it, now it is necessary to warm up.
- Girl, and the door behind you Zak? .. – I wanted to ask them, but did not.

Kissed me on the lips Natasha.
- Do not worry, dear, – she said to me after the kiss.
- I’ll check – Lena warned us and left. We stayed in a room together.

Natasha standing on my right hand took my cock and began stroking it. At that time I was lying on her back and fingered her breasts.
- Feel good as it gets? – She asked me. – It’s not himself.

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