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Free roulette web cam sex. Pushing member through the hole they began to push and turn the eggs at each raze Lena groped them and squeezing. Once the board was in the side, Lena looked at me and then at Dimka and hesitant voice said.
- Serge, we think your nuts, crushed.

- As it is, I was scared at first. I’ve just finished, and I was good. Enough to scare me and play – I said.
- Touch it myself when in the bath will wash off – she said, and went into the house to cook dinner.

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I went to wash and when washed off all remembered the words of the Lena and grabbed himself by the balls. I began to squeeze them and felt that when compressed in a certain place finger deeper inside and cause some bursting pain, although quite tolerable. I still do not believe them, and when he came home, then asked again.

- You really scare me and decided to cast.
- No, the truth burst your balls, but why you do not feel it – that’s what surprised me – Lena said.
We discussed what had happened a long time and then went to bed. I’m from such news did not sleep all night, feeling his hands eggs, and slept until morning.

When Dima and Lena woke up, they did not wake me up, and went out into the yard and talked about something. So I’m sitting on the porch and found them, wish to overhear what they were saying, I could not.
I sat down beside him and said.
- If my eggs can not be saved, they must be removed.
Everyone was silent and then asked Lena.
- You want your home or still in the hospital.

- No, I do not want the hospital – I replied.
- But I just cut eggs calves and then when I was in honey – she explained. Free roulette web cam sex.

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