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-Sit down on the table and detained skirt!
The order was immediately executed.

Alexander became one hand to pull off the big blue trousers and the other continued to knead the nipple Nina Petrovna. Instinctively, she tried to keep them for yourself, for which he received an impressive slap. After this all possible resistance ceased. Panties slid over plump thighs and fell to the floor. Alexander began to stare intently between her legs teacher.

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Under his gaze became shameless crotch open, revealing a large clitoris with a drop on the tip. Neat pink slit was without a single hair, a pubic neatly perched piece of black fur:
- Wow! Yes, you have the whole is a treasure!
Nina Petrovna blushed, lowered her skirt and tried to stammer asked:
- I. .. I knew you would not like it …

- Do not like it? Yes, bitch to someone else give a hundred points! You still need to fuck and fuck.
With these words, it is widely spread her legs and slowly began to insert his penis under the neatly trimmed pubis.

The first thing that woman felt this tremendous pain in tension has not been used vagina, she wanted to scream, but Alexander prudently clamped over her mouth, and soon the copious eased her suffering. Soon she was with pleasure felt in his body yearned male member. Heat pushes heaving with abdomen and spreads throughout the body.

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