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It is summer. Vacation.

Now I remember that time, and my soul is filled with some sense of ease and nonchalance. Good times. Lucky … I understand that I have just now. Why are people so constituted that he always something is missing … a little bit, a little bit, but for the happiness still something is missing. Always think that’s even if I was here it – then I would be perfectly happy …

But this – and always not enough … And then, after some time, you know that’s it was then that it was true happiness. The reason is simple and easy – everything is relative.
And time was really good.

Work I was not necessary, and I’m very happy with – parents earn enough money is good and I’ve always had. I am even more happy with the fact that they were rarely at home (for the reason that a lot of work), and there was none to drip on my brain moralizing. Free text sex chatroom.

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