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All looking forward to his presentation of the team. And so, on Monday, he appeared in the office, it represented the former CEO of Ani.
-respected colleagues, she said. Let me introduce your new CEO Andrew Vitalievitch, please love and favor.
All the staff began to look at it.

He was a tall and burly man, who looked about forty years, Holen. Welcoming all and uttering a short speech, the new CEO asked everyone to work. During the next week, he called into his office one by one all the heads of department and podogu talked with them. Anya was very nervous and was preparing for an interview.

And then came Friday, and Andrei V. summoned Anya.
Going into his office, Anya drew attention to the fact that he carefully examined it, from head to toe, and he looked at her as a lustful man looks at a woman. Wife was dressed as always excellent and it looked stunning.

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