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- So, where am I? .. And … who are you? – I could only figure out this question. I was astonished silence answer, and I felt (since closed her eyes again) that two pairs of eyes stared at me.
- Ian!

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- I am Andrew, Sasha’s friend with his robots – said concerned voice, and a member of his faded from my lips – do you remember? Maybe you need a hospital, eh?
- Which hospital – he has a point as the barrel of the tank! – Tenor said – that he was there to say?

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- Y-yes … Do not say only “he” – Sasha asked to call her “Yana” or say “she.” Sanya is a girl from long ago did, and yesterday and today we have consolidated this effort collectively … Oh! It seems like she felt better! – Andrew said with relief, the voice which I have already learned.

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