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After a week of training, he decided to talk to her mom. He did not want to disappoint the woman supplied the apparently high hopes for the girl, but continue to work with her, he saw no point.

Woman understood it and even told me that the most very hard with her. Neither she nor her husband could not give her enough attention because of work. And after his grandmother’s death, which was spending the summer, it became inhospitable, constantly snapped. Some lived in their own little world, which would not let even his mother and father.

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And he realized how serious it is, by a genuine woman sobs coming from the handset.
He decided to try to talk to her tone of voice, somewhat reminiscent of his father. Kind of like the girl listened, but did not play better. Reacted to his comments open hostility, and it infuriated him at one point.

Feeling the familiar tingling in my hands, close-close he failed to hand her back when she played as bad on purpose, if they did not go to music school at age six. If he could treat the physical, it can be corrected and get spiritual? Fix something inside.

Some gene … Something that defines the character of …
But a couple of times by doing so, he became convinced that only treats a white glow. But it is not correct. Peering into his hands, he thought that they could actually? And what did he get this power … Too late to find and help survive Christine …
Another day of school with Eugene, the last attempt to fix it.

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