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Sex chat for lesbians. Memories of the night walk completely absorbed my thoughts and mind, and I did not even hear what I said Lena. Dokrichatsya not to me, she got out of bed and walked over to me.

- Are you awake?
- No, I replied.
- Why did not you answer?
- Just a thought.

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Then I thanked Lena that she was to keep me company, and could not help asking her.
- Linen, why did you go with me yesterday?
- Well – she replied.
- And honestly, why do you need it? – I continued to insist.

- I just heard about people like you and thought it was all the chatter and I wanted to see with my own eyes – Lena answered.
- So what convinced that there are any – I asked.
- Now I believe – she said and walked to the window.
We stood and watched the falling snowflakes, and suddenly Lena tells me.
- Let’s go for a walk.

- So just do not feel like – I replied.
- And how can you walk differently – Lena asked.
- Well, yesterday for example – I said, and looked at Lena laughed.
- Yes, the night was unusual, but it was uncomfortable to walk in boots – Lena said.
- What are you’ve never walked at night do not – I asked.
- Why, many times, but it’s in the city and the streets are lit – she replied.

- And, well clear – I replied drawling voice.
We stood again, and looked at the street and suddenly Lena pushed off the windowsill and quickly ran into the corridor. Where is she – I thought. She was not there for thirty minutes. Suddenly the door opened and looks Lena.

Initially, there is her head and undisguised smile, and then she holding two pairs of boots. Sex chat for lesbians.

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