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Sex chat free. While Galya swallowed oatmeal kislyuschuyu from vitamin supplements, , unpacking disposable syringe and filled him with a colorless trash … Galya long enough sitting on the needle before you came into this house, but about the drug in such an action is not never heard. Each time after the injection, she felt dizzy, then sleepy.

A few minutes later began the strangest thing – Galya completely lost the will. This strange drug made her a doll obey every word. She was well aware of everything that was happening to her, but she was completely indifferent. Girl implicitly perform all the home team, and only when the order was not clear or run it was just physically impossible, she felt faint, looking at a single point.

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Generally it brought to the host’s son, this 16-year-old Peter noobs that he provided a way teenage hypersexuality, not subjected to the risk of sexual perversions and acquisition of sexually transmitted diseases, as his father, and simply – not to fuck with anyone. First Peter treated her gently, as expensive toys, fingers gently touched the genitals, stroking and kneading the chest.

Then he grew bolder and began to use Galya for more interesting purposes – ordered to masturbate his penis. He lay on the bed in her room, or sit in a chair and gave the orders:
Galya, come to me.
Galya kneel.
Galya, unbutton his pants and belt.
Galya, pull the panty elastic.

Galya, pull member.
Galya clasp his hand.
Galya higher, Galya, lower, Galya, faster, Galya, slower …

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