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-What are you doing, let the tablet is not funny Jen, I need to go.
-And you kiss me and I will give.
-In what sense?
-Well passionately kissing and give you a tablet, well or poorly?

-Jen, what a demon, enough joking.
-I’m not kidding.
And I began to look at her smiling.

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After standing in silence for about 5 minutes Wilke realized that just because I told her the tablet will not give up to me and kissed …
God … it was perfect, tender and exciting …
Putting the planets on the shelf that was there, I launched Wilke and put his back to the wall.

I kissed her, began to undress, and I did not care that she tries in vain to escape.
-Jen, Jack, stop what you’re doing, and you will have joked. Zhen, empty.
But I have not heard, I literally tried it rape
I unbuttoned her jeans, put her hand into her panties ….

Then the doorbell rang … I was distracted by the funky Wilke and went to open it.
Vick was on the verge of smiling kissed me
Wilk grabbed the plate and ran out of the apartment, I yanked her, but hesitated with Vika and the elevator left.

I told my girlfriend that this sister and friend that she came for the tablet, and we quarreled a little …
Over that summer I did not see Wilke, as if she vanished.
Who said that she left, who said that the missing.

Anya returned to the sea with me talking and did not went to the contact.
With Vika I broke up because they understand that in addition to Wilke I do not need nobody else does.
Months dragged on for a long time … since last fall, come on …

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